U.S. Market Entry Success Stories

We thought you might like to read some of the success stories of our clients


Helped Apparel Manufacturer Successfully With Business Setup, Product Launch And Brand Strategy

New operations often require a comprehensive strategy covering multiple areas to succeed. So, when a foreign apparel manufacturer planned to establish operations in the U.S., here is how Start Business In America helped them with branding, distribution, incorporation and immigration strategies helping them launch their operations successfully.


Helped An Overseas Engineering Design Company Successfully With U.S. Market Entry Through A Business Acquisition

There are a variety of entry options open to foreign companies that want to enter the U.S. market. While many companies prefer to set-up new operations, acquisition of an existing U.S. company may offer certain advantages when entering a new market. So, when an overseas Engineering Design firm saw profitable opportunities in entering the U.S. market through the acquisition route, here is how our experts helped them.


Helped An Indian Pharmaceutical Company With Business Expansion Strategies

Just like establishing a new business, even expansion plans have their own share of challenges! When an Indian pharmaceutical company faced obstacles while wanting to expand a new division in the U.S. to make inroads into newer markets and have it managed by one of its Indian Executives, here is how Start Business In America helped them successfully achieve it.


Helped A U.S. Based Engineering Company With Establishing Profitable Operations In India

When a U.S. Engineering company saw a profitable opportunity in setting up operations in India, here is how our experts helped them realize their goal.


Helped A Foreign Transportation And Logistics Company Establish A Successful Business In America

The list of foreign companies setting up successful businesses in the U.S. is not restricted to a few industries like IT, Pharmaceuticals, or Manufacturing. Many different kinds of companies from around the world have been able to set up successful businesses all over the United States.

When a 6 year old international transportation and logistics company wanted to expand its operations into U.S. markets, here is how our experienced business and legal teams helped them accomplish their objectives.


Helped An Indian Entertainment Company Successfully With U.S. Event Management By Bringing Indian Actors, Artists & Entertainers

When ABC India Pvt. Ltd. (ABC-India), an Indian company with operations in a range of fields from marketing communications to event management and production, approached Start Business In America seeking help to realize what they saw as a profitable business opportunity in bringing the best entertainers and cultural performers from India to the U.S. to perform in events across the country, here is how Start Business In America made sure they realized the opportunity.


Helped An Overseas Trading Company Overcome Peculiar Challenges In Establishing Operations In The U.S.

Oftentimes, companies in certain types of industries, due to the very nature of their business and practices come across challenges while seeking to establish or expand operations in the U.S. that most other companies do not normally face. So, when an overseas trading corporation faced unusual challenges that posed obstacles to realizing their plans for successfully establishing and expanding their operations to the U.S., here is how Start Business In America helped them overcome to the challenges and accomplish their objectives.


Helped An Indian IT Company CEO Stuck In India Due To A Visa Denial Get Back To The U.S. To Continue To Manage U.S. Operations

The recent shift to tightened adjudications of L-1 cases, particularly in India, has created a new set of hurdles for international companies. So, when an Indian IT company was faced with a serious situation arising out of denial of a visa for its CEO to go and manage its relatively new operations in the U,S. here is how Start Business In America strategized and helped them.

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