Our Startup Programs

We Launch Innovative Companies In The U.S. Market And Accelerate Their Growth

Start Business In America provides exclusive support to foreign companies and non-U.S. Citizen entrepreneurs to launch in the U.S. and grow exponentially.

Do you have a great business or a business idea, yet aren't sure how to expand and become a global business? We can help you.

We select the businesses that have the potential to grow globally, launch them in the U.S. market, and accelerate their growth.

What We Offer

Startup Support

Company Incorporation, Opening Bank Account, Office Space, Developing Proof of Concept, Hiring First Employees In USA, Customer Acquisition Strategies, Access to Service Providers - Attorneys, CPA, Payroll Processor, etc.

Funding, Coaching and Mentoring

Seed Investment, Access to Investors and Mentors, One-on-one Coaching, Networking

Scaleup Support

U.S. Focused Growth Strategies, Market Expansion and Sales Strategies, Product Development, Intellectual Property Management

Work Visa & Soft Landing

Visa assistance and a soft landing when you arrive in the U.S. to start and build your business.

Our Programs

Start Business in America offers 2 customized support programs to help foreign companies and non-U.S. Citizen entrepreneurs successfully start, fund and scale their businesses in the U.S.

Starting A Business In The US


Customized program to help
launch your business in the U.S.

Startup Funding
$75,000 USD

Scaling A Business In USA


Customized program to help accelerate
your business growth in the U.S.

Scaleup Funding
$250,000 USD

If your business is found eligible for the program, we will invest in your business, apply our expertise, provide personalized coaching, and focus on your company's growth.

We have had the pleasure of helping 1000+ entrepreneurs from 52 countries with building successful businesses in the U.S.

How It Works For You

Our programs are designed to help you with the best process for starting and accelerating your business in the U.S. Our experienced U.S. business advisors and mentors provide personalized attention in building your business and product strategy, business culture, branding, and help you connect to U.S. and international markets with ease. The credibility of companies in our program gets greatly enhanced with the presence of a strong American board and U.S. advisors.

Program Terms

We will invest in your company, offer personal mentorship and coaching, and guide in every area necessary for successfully building your business globally, including strategic planning, market entry, branding, networking, customer acquisition, hiring, and IP management.

In return, we take a small equity in the company.

Our Mentors

Our Startup Programs are designed to connect you with relevant industry mentors.

Our 50+ experienced mentors are industry leaders with seasoned entrepreneurial experience and come from varied backgrounds, geographic locations, and different domains and areas of business. Being experts in their industry, they are able to quickly identify and resolve the issues you're facing and fix things that need to be fixed.

Our mentors enthusiastically apply their vast experience, industry exposure, and practical insights to provide expert advice and mentoring support to help you grow your business.

How To Get Started?

If you want to apply for the program, please submit your application online. Our experienced business advisors will contact you to evaluate your business and guide you on the next steps.