Helped An Indian Entertainment Company Successfully With U.S. Event Management By Bringing Indian Actors, Artists & Entertainers

Setting Up A U.S. Subsidiary

As ABC-India wanted to regularly put shows on in the U.S., the first step that Start Business In America took was assisting ABC-India establish a U.S. subsidiary, ABC, Inc. (ABC-US).

Immediately after the company formation in the U.S. was complete, ABC-US identified a profitable opportunity in arranging and organizing a series of live shows in the U.S. featuring Indian actors and performing artists from India. The live program was based on a successful and highly popular Indian television show. The television show featured popular comedians from the television industry who were household names in India, supported by a regular musician, coming up with creative acts and competing against each other to entertain the audience. The comedians, who had built a rapport with and following among the average television viewers in India, regularly portrayed a selection of characters that they came to be uniquely identified with. In response to the huge success of the television show, live performances of the group were organized in many cities across India, which also became very successful. ABC-US saw an exciting opportunity in bringing the show and its talented performers to the U.S. and having them perform in live shows here. ABC-US wanted to feature performances at various venues in 10 U.S. cities, starring the same popular comedians and performers from television show and stage shows in India.

Enabling The Indian Actors And Artists To Travel To The U.S. – The Challenges

With most of the arrangements for organizing the show having been made, the last and major challenge left for ABC-US, which was then a relatively new entity in the U.S., was in ensuring that all the performing artists could travel to and perform in the U.S. Engaging closely with ABC-US, our attorneys began to work diligently to devise an effective strategy for the client. After a thorough analysis of the situation, it emerged that under the circumstances, the most appropriate visa category that would suit ABC-US's requirements and enable their artists to come to the U.S. and perform was the P-3 artist visa classification for Culturally Unique Artists.

While the P-3 visa classification was identified as the most suitable category under the circumstances, filing a P-3 petition is filled with multiple challenges. To begin with, ABC-US was a new entity in the U.S. organizing one of its first shows in the U.S. Furthermore, with the dates for the performances already finalized, there were timeline-related deadlines which demanded quick action. And lastly, the company would need to establish the 'Cultural Uniqueness' of the show.

Working closely with the client and putting together all significant information, our experienced attorneys helped ABC-US come up with a comprehensive application seeking P-3 visas for the performers, articulating and showcasing in detail, how their performances were 'Culturally Unique' and how they satisfied the requirements for the grant of the P-3 visas. The complete application, a result of thorough preparation and clear presentation, impressed the U.S. immigration authorities, ensuring that the performing artists would be granted P-3 visas, enabling them to come to and perform in the U.S.

Enabling Key 'Behind-The-Scenes' Contributors To Travel To The U.S.

Realizing that, while the performers are the face of any program, no show can be complete without the active support of competent people behind the scenes, ABC-US then wanted to bring a few key 'behind-the-scenes' contributors to the U.S. along with the main performers. ABC-US wanted to ensure the success of the shows. The next challenge before ABC-US, therefore, was to find a way to bring those key people who played important roles behind the scenes in the Indian shows to the U.S. with the performing artists. To achieve this goal, Start Business In America also helped ABC-US file P-3 petitions as Essential Support Personnel for the Director, the Talent Coordinator and the Events Manager. Our attorneys clearly articulated the need for their presence in the U.S. and significance of their role in ensuring that the U.S. shows would be just as successful as the Indian shows. The comprehensive applications prepared by our experienced attorneys, once again ensured that the three Essential Support Personnel were granted P-3 visas.

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Seeking Extension of Stay For Performing Artists And Support Personnel

Because of the show's success and immense popularity, the program schedule and tour were extended. When ABC-US needed to file visa extension petitions, Start Business In America supported the company through the process of seeking the extension. Our attorneys were able to help the company successfully obtain extensions of stay for the performing artists and essential support personnel, enabling the entire group to extend their stay in the U.S. and complete the extended schedule of performances.


Start Business In America thus competently and efficiently aided and supported an Indian entertainment company to successfully realize a business opportunity to arrange, organize, and conduct successful shows in the U.S. featuring Indian actors and artists, and helping it overcome the numerous challenges that came along the way.

If you are considering event management in the U.S. by business the best entertainers and cultural performers from outside the U.S., contact Start Business In America for a FREE Assessment. We'll review your specific situation and develop the best strategy based on our experts previous successful experiences.