We Helped Apparel Manufacturer Successfully With Business Setup, Product Launch And Brand Strategy


Textile-India (T-India) is an Indian company engaged in manufacturing and exporting beachwear, resort wear and casualwear apparel. Their activities range from fabric printing and dyeing to processing, stitching, and exporting the finished products to customers worldwide.

Buoyed by their successful exports to various markets in Europe and Asia, T-India set its sights on the lucrative North and South American markets. Aiming to be a major market player in the beachwear and casualwear markets in the Americas, T-India management decided to establish operations in the U.S. focusing on expansion of the business into the Americas by setting up their own stores in over 100 cities and marketing apparels under their own brand.


Successfully building a brand and setting up retail stores in the U.S. require precision planning and substantial investment. Proper distribution channels need to be established, product branding strategies must be adopted to improve visibility and brand value, and tying up with local channels is essential for successfully promoting the brand. When T-India approached Start Business In America seeking our assistance, our experts thoroughly reviewed company's situation and needs, evaluated all suitable options, and devised a comprehensive strategy covering various areas like product launch, branding, distribution, incorporation and immigration in order to facilitate T-India in successfully accomplishing their objectives with minimum investment.

Setting Up An Affiliate Company In The U.S.

As a first step towards accomplishing T-India's goals, Start Business In America helped T-India incorporate an affiliate company, Textile-USA (T-USA) in the U.S. Our attorneys made sure T-USA ownership was structured in a manner that would facilitate T-India's transfer of employees from India to T-USA. Start Business In America also guided T-USA on various initial steps necessary to get the operations started in the U.S. like securing office premises, opening a bank account, etc.

Branding Strategy And Distribution Support To Facilitate The Launch

Having established T-USA as an affiliate entity in the U.S., the next major challenge before the group was to implement effective branding strategies and establish distribution tie-ups and set the stage for successful launch of their brand. Our experts effectively assisted T-USA in this crucial phase of preliminary operations, helping T-USA identify suitable sales partners, set up distribution channels, tie-up with local networks, and implement the identified branding strategies to enhance visibility and familiarity. Start Business In America helped T-USA set the platform necessary for successful launch of its own stores and create a commercial environment from where an Executive from India could come to the U.S. and successfully oversee and manage the launch and growth of its brands in the U.S. and North American markets.

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Why Not EB-5?

Because T-India was going to be making a substantial investment in the U.S., they first inquired about the EB-5 because a Green Card is attached to the application. Evaluating investment under EB-5 Green Card program, our attorneys appraised T-India about how the investment route that T-India was considering would require it to make a much more substantial investment to realize its goals. To be eligible to seek an EB-5 Green Card, an investment of at least $1 Million ($500,000 in some cases) would be required and the funds could be tied up for several years. Needless to say, T-India wanted to explore alternatives that would help it accomplish its goal without tying up its funds. Our experts worked closely with T-India to develop alternate strategies.

Transferring A Director From T-India To T-USA To Build U.S. Operations

With the necessary groundwork that was essential for successful launch of the U.S. operations achieved, the next major task involved helping T-USA bring on employees from India, specifically, an identified Director of T-India, as CEO of T-USA. They wanted to bring him to the U.S. because he had intimate knowledge of T-India's business and he would be able to set-up the U.S. operations and manage it successfully. Thinking ahead, our attorneys and experts prospectively set up the operations in the U.S. to facilitate easily transferring employees from T-India to T-USA. Our attorneys helped T-USA submit a comprehensive package seeking a New Office L-1 visa for the identified Director of T-India to enable him come to the U.S. and manage T-USA as its CEO. The completed application package prepared by our attorneys resulted in T-India's Indian Director being successfully granted an L-1 New Office visa to come to the U.S. and take up responsibilities as CEO of T-USA, enabling him to provide critical services to the U.S. start-up operations.


Thus, Start Business In America successfully helped an Indian apparel manufacturer set-up operations in the U.S. with minimal investment, by devising and implementing comprehensive strategies covering multiple-areas like product launch, branding, distribution, incorporation and immigration.

If you are considering establishing operations in the U.S. and build your product branding strategy and distribution, contact Start Business In America for a FREE Assessment. We'll review your specific situation and develop the best strategy based on our experts previous successful experiences.